Repeater and Broadband-Hamnet Node

SPARC runs a 70 cm repeater that covers much of Salt Lake and Davis counties.  The repeater is on 448.050 MHz, negative offset, with a tone of 100 Hz.  The repeater runs on battery/solar power and is completely off the grid.  The coordinates of the repeater are 40.7789° N, -111.9525° W.  The repeater is approximately 4300 feet above sea level.

SPARC also runs a Broadband-Hamnet node at the same location.  The node is also on battery/solar power and has the following links:

  • Neighbors: KA7TPH-UofU, W0HU-AG-North, W0HU-B2M-TP
  • Remote nodes: W0HU-BHN2, W0HU-BH6, WOHU-NANO1 and KF7NQW-WPC

The SPARC node will link to the future Ensign Peak node which will give it access to many of the nodes in the Salt Lake Valley.  The SPARC node can be found on the Utah Mesh Nodes map.